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Los megatrend son esos fenómenos estructurales que ya están empezando a dar forma al mundo del futuro. Son mecanismos puestos en marcha por fuerzas profundas, como la demografía, el clima, la necesidad de nueva energía y salud. Los megatrends definen claramente cuáles serán los principales sectores socioeconómicos del futuro (que atraerán la mayor inversión). Actualmente, los megatrend más notables son las siguientes: las smart cities, la sanidad, el big data e icloud, la robótica, la automatización industrial y la industria "verde".

We need energy storage…and companies are responding

Escrito el 04.10.2022

Global supply chains have been increasingly in focus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While semiconductors have received significant attention, activities leading to the building of more battery plants are also heating up. The concept of ‘energy independence’ used to mean fossil fuel but, in the future, it could mean having the best access to energy storage technologies.

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What’s happening in semiconductors? The next chapter

Escrito el 28.09.2022

The semiconductor supply chain is at the centre of much of today’s geopolitical conflict. In the rivalry of the U.S. against China, this is a central point of leverage that the U.S. government is using, with strong effect. While it is not  impossible, China may have some difficulty to respond quickly with the most cutting edge semiconductors for its own purposes.

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When Will Robots Gain ‘Common Sense’?

Escrito el 14.09.2022

Artificial intelligence capabilities are advancing all the time. The new ‘SayCan’ model developed by researchers at Alphabet’s Google is interesting because it creates an intersection between the capabilities of large language models and robotics. While we can’t yet say the robots have ‘common sense’ it is an interesting step along the path of development leading us to wonder how far they can take this line of inquiry.

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Cloud Computing continues to exhibit strong growth in 2022

Escrito el 07.09.2022

Investors looking at cloud computing companies are thinking of one primary question: Can the rally from June 2022 to August 2022 continue through the fall season? Cloud companies are delivering largely positive fundamentals, but share prices are responding more to macroeconomic announcements. It was certainly an interesting time to rebalance the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index.

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Many Megatrends Depend on Semiconductors. What’s Happening in the Space?

Escrito el 25.08.2022

Semiconductors represent some of the most important building blocks that underpin the ultimate growth trajectories and results in most megatrends. In recent years, the ‘semiconductor shortage’ impacted the availability of many different products—as many people seeking to purchase a car could likely attest. Here, we detail some of the recent activities and results of these companies, along with global governments seeking to encourage their supply security in the future.

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AI continues to build the foundation for a remarkable future in biology

Escrito el 19.08.2022

28 July 2022 was an historic day in both biology and artificial intelligence (AI). DeepMind, a firm specialising in AI research owned by Alphabet, made freely available the structural data on more than 200 million proteins from its AlphaFold tool. This represents data on roughly 1 million species and covers the vast majority of known proteins on earth.

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