At WisdomTree we do things differently

WisdomTree was founded in 2006 with a passion for creating better ways to index, innovate and invest for our clients, and by being the first investment manager to weight by dividends. We have always challenged the status quo and believe investors should too.

At WisdomTree we do things differently

WisdomTree in Europe

Since launching in Europe in 2014, our European business has grown in terms of our product range and assets under management. Today, we provide one of the most innovative ranges of UCITS Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) covering commodities, FX, equities, fixed income, digital assets and liquid alternatives as well as short & leveraged exposures.

What we offer investors

What we offer investors
  • Unique strategies that seek to outperform the market
  • Pioneering products that unlock new or hard-to-access exposures
  • Europe's most comprehensive range of commodities and short & leveraged ETPs
  • Expert-led macroeconomic research & investor education
  • Solutions for portfolio optimisation & asset allocation analysis


Investor Solutions

Our holistic Investor Solutions program is designed to provide the power—and empowerment— advisors need to grow efficiently and compete effectively.



Research Insights

Get access to unique insights from our thought leaders into current opportunities and risks in markets and asset classes around the world.

Wisdomtree research insights

WisdomTree Insight

4 takeaways from EmTech Digital's AI conference

by Christopher Gannatti

MIT Technology Review recently put on its EmTech Digital conference. It will come as no surprise that this year’s focus was generative artificial intelligence (AI). There is a sense that generative AI, in its many different forms, is important and that it will have an economic impact, but it’s not yet clear exactly how this will manifest itself in the coming years.

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Behind the Markets Podcast: a conversation about deep decarbonisation

by Christopher Gannatti

On 14 April 2023, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nat Bullard, an independent energy analyst focused on deep decarbonisation. The genesis of the discussion was around a specific set of slides that Nat tends to update on an annual basis, with the most current version, released in late January 2023, containing 141 slides.

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The end of the SaaSacre and the rise of generative AI

by Christopher Gannatti

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Janelle Teng of Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). Janelle is a vice president at BVP, focused primarily on cloud software, infrastructure and developer platforms. WisdomTree began working with BVP in 2020 to launch WisdomTree’s Cloud Computing Strategy which tracks the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index.

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